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You need a team that operates quickly and efficiently. More times than we like to admit, IT has become the bottleneck of our organizations. We are here to help you navigate the complex realities of IT so that you can use IT cost effectively and efficiently

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We have participated in building dozens of amazing teams for both startups and fortune 500 companies.This experience allows us to help you make the necessary adjustments to get the most of your engineering team

Our approach is unique and is built on over 15 years of engineering experience

graph TB; subgraph Project Management E(Write User Stories)==>F(Define acceptance criteria) L(Accept features) end subgraph Software engineering G(Estimate Level of Effort)==>H(Design features) H==>I(develop features) I==>J(refactor, improve ecosystem) J==>K(test features) end subgraph Gembani O((How is your team doing?))==>P((How can they improve?)) end L==>O P===E F==>G P===G K==>L