Peak Agility


At each step Gembani accompanies business development, and honing teamwork skills. Whilst working alongside the client’s team, Nick Stock and his staff teach methodology and problem solving skills vital to software development. Acquiring this new team flexibility promotes a favorable climate for growth in leading companies.Nick Stock and his staff teach methodology and problem solving skills vital to software development. Acquiring this new team flexibility promotes a favorable climate for growth in leading companies.

Lean Management Consulting



The manager learns to identify the sources of waste and dysfunction whilst observing the processes, asking questions, listening, and taking into account the team’s suggestions. He also builds with his team a closer working relationship, allowing direct communication. This streamlined communication between managers and production teams leads to better and quicker source problem detection and resolution. This is an imperative for the innovative workplace as adopted by the majors of Silicon Valley.

Easing the tension between sales and production

Whether in a novice Start-up or an established company, developers work in iterative mode and continuously face the unknown. In parallel, CEOs and managers have to cater to clients and meet their business deadlines. Gembani collectively mobilizes all personnel, directors included, and focuses on the needs of each element,, thus reducing tensions between economic imperatives and the vicissitudes of R&D.

Because deadlines, can lead to harsh working environments, we detect key individuals within the organization; install efficient teamwork methodologies for problem resolution. We detect communication flaws between managers and engineers to favor a better, smarter result. We create the culture of continual improvement.

Avoiding inefficiency

Fully understood, Lean Management optimizes all processes, detecting inefficiency in time, money and energy. Gembani establishes best practices, and a positive environment.

The Gembani method: Nick and his staff, answer your needs, and ease the challenges of your IT & digital development.

Changes for better performance

Silicon Valley mindset, is not ordered by decree, it is slowly acquired. The pressures of running companies are sometimes blinding, especially when compartmentalizing what teams can and can’t do. Lean management teaches modern, less hierarchical ways of working and doing business.

To be the first in your field, you must integrate the right company culture and adapted managerial reflexes.

Co-Dev Software and 2.0



Searching for bugs, and writing clean and clear code

Coding experts, Nick and his staff intervene by adapting to your company’s needs. They work with your team to improve coding quality. With your engineers, they will look for bugs and identify malfunctions to create a clean, transparent source code, which is dynamic and adaptable and therefore easily optimized for continuous growth.

Prototyping and “Test driven development”



Test an idea, verify a hunch

Because all products are dedicated to users, it is essential to carry out tests as early as possible, to avoid errors and functional excesse.

Software Craftsmen



Nick Stock and his team of developers, as high-end programmers, have built dozens of platforms and bespoke software for companies around the world. Do you have a software idea without the experienced work force to make it a reality ? GEMBANI builds the best solutions. Ask them anything!

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