Nick Stock


Nick Stock is a passionate coder nourished by the spirit of Silicon Valley. He speaks all coding languages, but what singles him out is his empathy and capacity to decode! He opens the doors that allow all the people within a company to better communicate and work together and achieve higher goals! He is able to transform product meetings into lively and productive moments.

Born in New York, moved with his family to Paris at the age of 6 months, and returned to the United States at 12 to the Silicon Valley in California. His career begins at the age of 16 in SILICON VALLEY as an apprentice in a successful start-up. Brought-up among engineers in an ever-evolving hi-tech world he has been carefully nourished in the culture of continual upgrade. He integrates the fundamental notions of innovation through client-user satisfaction.

Noticed by APPLE, he is hired to develop complex web applications related to web 2.0 to offer the user always more simplicity; he participated in conceiving the latest generation coding language HTML5.

Sebastian Cebula


Sebastian Cebula discovered programing at the age of 16. At first he was convinced that this field was complicated and reserved for the elite. But out of curiosity he initiated himself in the C++ language, which was for him a life changing revelation. Programing became one of his biggest passions and it became clear to him that he would try to pursue a career within that domain. After a disappointing first try at university he found his path through “l’école 42”

Since then, the more he learns, the more he wants to learn. For him, the ability to express himself in coding is an amazing and gratifying experience.

Djamel Bendaoud


Djamel Bendaoud discovered programing two years ago, passing the entrance exam for “l’école 42”. Before nothing was for him to be destined in this domain. He possesses none the less, a year and a half of programing experience in web and software development. To this day he is principally focalised in the comprehension of Unix systems, and web programing. In his free time, he practices regularly DIY projects with his Raspberry Pi mini computer, launching many diverse projects to which he enjoys completing with such a powerful small device. Curious and dynamic, he possesses great team work skills, and a great capacity to adapt.

Thomas Arlo


Thomas Arlo is a singer/songwriter guitarist and poet with an all-around gift for language.  Today he is our main content writer. He comes to work with us, observes what we do and how we do it, asks questions and turns what he learns into articles on this site for us. He helps Nick anyway he can, and his role is ever evolving. It already includes many aspects of marketing, sales and account management.