Office Hour

Office Hours

What is an “Office Hour” ?

An “Office Hour” is a free personal consultation with yours truly, Nick Stock, for CEOs, CTOs, Product Owners, and company Managers.

In 45 minutes :

  • I’ll evaluate your problems
  • I’ll give you the technical and managerial know how to improve the way in which your team builds software

    Free you say !?! What’s the catch ?

No catch, all office hour meetings are free, wether its your first or your hundredth!

Why you ask ? Because I wish to share my knowledge with the most amount of people!

Also, if one day you are in need of our other services I will be acquainted with the issues in your business and we will be able to move forward more efficiently.

Already 200 Office Hours with Paris & Co

Who is he?

Nick Stock Senior Engineer
  • Nick Stock

Nick has more the 15 years of experience leading the development of complex applications

He has worked as a software developer in the U.S. and France for starts ups as well as fortune 500 companies.

He was a software engineer for Apple

He was the first engineer hired at Pricematch, a company that sold to

Currently Nick teaches at universities, runs a squad of engineers and offers coaching to CTOs and their teams.