ShareGroop: Gembani helps early stage startup internalize software development

ShareGroop was at the end of its rope when its founders asked Gembani to intervene. Their idea was simple: provide a solution to split payments for consumers sharing the purchase of a single product. Their solution integrates directly in the vendor’s website. After a failed relationship with with an Agency, they sought Gembani's help to bring their project back on track.


Tech4Team: Gembani proves the importance of automatic testing

Tech4team's product Arenametrix is a platform that helps improve communication between event ticket sellers and buyers. They provide tools, data analysis and cross sections of customer insights. In 2016 they they began to see rapid growth in revenues. Engineering was understaffed and the codebase was suffering from the cost of constant commercial experiments. It was time shift focus to cleaning up and improving the code. They called on Gembani for help.