The Silicon Valley Mindset


By observing the process, by asking questions and by listening to answers and the team’s suggestions, the manager is empowered to identify the sources of waste and dysfunction. He also builds with his colleagues a cooperative relationship allowing the establishment of close communication, discouraging loss of information. These communications and good relations between managers and production teams help detect the source of the problems, and help streamline the decision making process, an imperative for an innovative workplace. A managerial vision that integrates collective intellect as the foundation of its efficiency has often been adopted by the major players in Silicon Valley.




Identifying the source value

In IT and digital activities that integrate a great deal of uncertainty and R&D, much more than in many other fields, the organization of the labor force is the secret to success. It is common to witness frequent blockages, wasteful spending and wasted time due to an over compartmentalization of tasks (front and back office for example) and vertical reporting (hierarchy disconnected from the production). A lack of organization, overlooked procedures, inadequate communication, can thus generate colossal losses, and create irreversible human suffering. By generating key functionalities through iteration (VALUE), the agile method gives collective action to all the actors of the company in a common objective of user satisfaction.

Putting in place a brighter state of mind


The Agile vision according to GEMBANI encompasses the manner in which you program, the management methodology.

It can be summarized in 6 points :

Comprehension of business challenges and coding expertise


The combination of the comprehension of business challenges and coding expertise will help introduce or restore- trust and confidence between all the project stakeholders.

Audit of talents, and good practices


Nick’s technical know-how allows him to evaluate developers’ competence, and by laying out the fundamentals of the company he helps them improve their skills. As he codes with them, he puts in place with them tools and an agile method of work.

Transparency, communication, team spirit


Without more than its technical efficiency, this method offers a major link between technical and commercial functions. It allows management and sales representatives to develop a clear picture of the technical advances and better-understand developers. Communications improve, and cohesions and teams are reinforced.