The Gembani Squad

Usecase 1: I already have an IT department!

Working on a project together is a perfect opportunity for your developers to be exposed to new languages tools and practices.

We will have a lasting impact on your teams productivity by exposing them to proven tools practices that will change their approach to writing software.

We make coding fun again!

Usecase 2: I spend a ton on IT! maybe It’s time to internalize?

You spend a ton on IT, and are starting to believe it might be more cost effective to internalize software development? Good! we might well agree

If you spend a ton of money on tools that “almost” do the job but not quite - maybe it’s time to start internalizing development?

If this is the case, our squad is a great way to get started.

We will leave you with your own, well trained, well versed software development team.

We can even help you with hiring.


  • 1 introduction day with a Gembani senior engineer for the employees you select
    • Meeting with business stakeholders to define the first piece of functionality we will work on together
    • Gathering as much context as possible (looking at code, meeting technical staff etc….)
  • Three Gembani engineers come in to help work on the defined problem.
    • A senior engineer comes in twice a month
    • Two software developers work four days a week
  • First deliverable in 30 days.
    • In some cases we might be able to deliver our first features in two weeks.
graph TB; subgraph Gembani Senior Engineer B[One senior engineer twice a month] C[Managerial Coaching] D[Technical Coaching] B==>C B==>D end subgraph Gembani Sofware Engineers E[Two Engineers at four days a week] end D-->E subgraph Project G[First Deliverable after 30 days]==>H[Your own internal team progressivley replaces us] end E-->G subgraph The Client W[Product Owner]==>Q[Specification Definition] end C-->W D-->H end