Creating an in-house IT team

We offer help in internalizing IT teams. We believe business in any sector can benefit from having their own IT team.

Many business owners believe the cost of an internal IT team is prohibitavely expensive. We designed a solution specifically catered to you.

Why pick an internal team

First, outside ressources are very expensive. You will thus be limited very quickly by the costs. Instead of innovating using IT as a tool, you only end up buying IT when it is absolutely necessary.

Once you internalize a development team, every employee starts having ideas about automating some of the more repetitive tasks in their jobs.

Tubereach, an agency specializing in adversizing A/B testing aproached us to make the life of their employees easier. Today, not only are their employees able to manage 2 to 3 times as many clients, but they also want to sell that technology to their competitors. More info on Tubereach here.

The most successful IT projects are born of constant collaboration between IT and stakeholders. It’s impossible to create this type of collaborative environment when you are outsourcing the IT assets and are constantly worrying about IT costs. You won’t be able to adapt what you ask of your vendor as your understanding of your IT needs grow.


You should start small. It’s a change in the way your company functions so it should be done little by little.

Our solution is external CTO support from Gembani:

  • We can help you find the correct intern.
  • We help train the rest of your collaborators on how to properly integrate an engineering team.
  • We help mentor and train the new recruit such that he/she makes far less mistakes than if he/she were on his/her own.
  • The cost of all of this is of 3000 euros a month.

With minimal investment on your part, you can experience the massive benefits of having your own software team.

Because of the savings in time associated with having an internal IT team, you’ll see your employees’ becoming more efficient. For example, account managers can increase the number of accounts they follow while at the same time, improving the quality of the services they provide their clients. For this reason, Groupe Zephyr started with one intern two years ago. They now have 6 engineers on payroll. More info on Groupe Zephyr here.