Zephyr Group chooses Gembani to help internalize their IT department

Who is Zephyr Group

Zephyr Group’s support and care services for the elderly allow dependent seniors to live their lives in their own homes with close to complete autonomy. Group Zephyr's conscientious responders accompany the elderly in the different phases of their golden years in a humane and friendly environment.

The Zephyr Group currently consists of 4 coordinating branches allowing them to respond to the evolving needs of the elderly living in private homes. Zephyr Group's primary goal is making excellent home care possible in different life stages.

Gembani’s role

Zephyr Group outgrew their original software tool which helped them automate the mundane tasks around their services. The original tool was designed for a single agency and became ineffective and error-ridden when scaled to 50-60 agencies.

Gembani's initial and preferred strategy was to work with the original software provider to make their solution effective and error-free in this much more complex environment. We needed APIs, access to data, and a collaborative mindset from this supplier to create an improved software uniquely tailored to Zephyr Group’s multiple agency needs. Unfortunately the supplier was either unable or unwilling to help us adapt the original software.

Around this time we realized that Zephyr Group could finance an entire internal engineering department by re-allocating funds.

How are we achieving this?

In order to save the Zephyr Group 2-3 years of software development costs, Group Zephyr acquired a company who had developed their own custom solution that was designed to fit a similar set of constraints. Gembani's preview of the software showed that it would save a minimum of two years in migrating all 50+ agencies away from the original supplier’s now inadequate and erroneous software.

We are progressively migrating agencies to this new system as we improve it in order to fit a slightly different set of constraints

Thanks to Gembani's expertise, we are upgrading the code, and more importantly we are training an internal IT department to help upgrade it such that the Zephyr Group will not become as dependent on Gembani as they were on their prior software provider.

Gembani helps with recruitment, internal coaching of both IT and commercial teams. We have very high hopes for the future of this project, and we will update this case study as time goes on.