TubeReach partners with Gembani to bring better tools to the YouTube ads space.

Who is TubeReach

TubeReach is the European leader in YouTube ad-campaigns. They work with many high profile clients including Total, Playmobil, La Poste and many more.

Gembani’s Role

TubeReach are leading experts in optimizing YouTube advertising. However, certain aspects of YouTube ad-campaign management are tedious and error-prone. They approached Gembani to understand whether they could use software to better optimize their workflow. We brainstormed together and found ways we could help. We are now optimizing their workflow and creating dashboards to give their existing customers greater visibility about how their ad campaigns are a/b tested on YouTube.

Even more exciting is that we will be able to use what we have built to launch TubeReach's own software as a service a/b testing platform for new customers.

TubeReach already has all the domain knowledge needed. Gembani is helping them acquire what they lack - the skills, mindset and vision necessary to develop beautifully crafted and evolving software in their field.