Paris & Co chooses Gembani to educate its startups about building software.

Why us?

Paris & Co is one of the biggest incubator networks in Europe. Louise Marie of Paris & co had a chance to see us work with a number of our clients who are members of their network. Thanks to our positive results, they chose to offer our services to all of their start-ups.


Today we offer 45 minute office hours.

We are looking into longer group workshops and training sessions.

This collaboration with Paris & Co is a great way for Gembani to test new ideas and workshops in a real world setting so that we can iterate and offer the best quality training for our clients.

Some of the topics we have encountered

Test automation

Software crafsmanship

Definition of techincal debt

Test driven development

Mocks and stubs

Measure success of an engineering team.



Lead time

IT internalization


Engineering negotiations

Scaling infrastructure


The dichotomie of a "User Story"



Velocity of an engineering team.

Predicting (not imposing) feature release dates

Optimal tools for a given set of constraints

Our meetings with Nick are very enriching. As CTO at the beginnings of a start-up, we can easily feel alone on numerous subjects. Nick knew well how to counsel me as much in the technical area as the managerial ones. It helped me put in place stand-ups at the right time and he coached me so that I could make my technical debt dissolve before it was to late. Participating in Nick’s workshops is a real asset for any CTO and will help them put in place the necessary practices as quickly as possible.
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Enzo Laurent

CTO Solen